Jake Lipiec


The MT-500 PCM-based keyboard, released in 1986 by Casio features 8bit drum samples and the oh-so-tubular ‘Super Drums’ engine. 

Delivering infectiously punchy, lo-fi drums, the MT-500 has been multi-sampled to 1/4” mastering tape through classic Neve preamps into easy-use One-Shots and Loops for DAW production and audio samplers. 

  • 24bit WAV’s, organised into clear, easy-use folders.
  • Original 12 one-shot samples and over 80 ‘Super Drums’ loops.
  • Extras include ‘wet’ and ‘delay’ one shots (and more).
  • All samples recorded to 1/4″ mastering tape, in clean and saturated variations.
  • No additional processing, all sounds accurate and true to the hardware.

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